Standing on the tail of the August and the prelude to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the seminar "How to beat the rival at the Big 'Wisdom' Age-- Salesforce lead the innovation", successfully heldby Kindlekeys (Shanghai Kindlekeys Consulting Co., Ltd) at Royal Meridien Shanghai on the afternoon of August 26, 2016.

Based on the present stage of China's economy, especially for the core economic industry Manufacturing, we focus on how to make a "Big Manufacturing" turns into a "Big Wisdom Manufacturing", talked about how the enterprise should subvert the traditional conception, and break through the shackles with new technologies and ideas, then stay in an invincible position with high efficiency in the complicated economic environment.

Assembly with the assist and support from Salesforce, the seminar attracted more than 40 delegates’ presence and interaction; some of them are the high level managers from the World top 500 Enterprise. Henry Chen, the Founder of Kindlekeys, made the opening speech. Combined with many years of working experience, Henry emphasized how could enterprise become "Wisdom" and "Customer is the Center", he also dialysis how to get rid of predicament in contemporary social and economic environment, so that the enterprise can always stand at the leading position.

We have the honor to invite Mr. Kun Yang,the Master Business Architect from Salesforce, made an excellent presentation. Asa senior expert engaged in enterprise management software industry for many years, combined with Salesforce innovative management ideas and technical characteristics, Mr. Yang analysis how to use Salesforce software to help enterprises realize full department and full dimension cooperation, achieve the goal of efficiency improvement and revenue significantly increasing.

We also specially invited the Salesforcesenior user, Miss Ma Wenrui, the Business Manager from Royal Caribbean Cruise,made a speech. Based on her own experience, Miss Ma emphasised that IT people must consider the purpose and the business process when choosing the CRM software. All the delegates benefit a lot.

Finally, Willis Bao, the Co-founder from Kindlekeys, demonstrated the feature and operation process of Salesforce, so that the audience can real feel the software and capture how Cloud Platform can help them.

The half day's Seminar creates a warm and active atmosphere. At the same time, the next Seminar is already preparing by Kindlekeys, we will inform yo uthe activity schedule and content first time, looking forward for more guests to attend. Your success is our success, let's grow up together!

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