Do you just install a CRM system and are done? Quite the opposite. To set up sustainable CRM in your enterprise, you need a partner that thinks way beyond IT software. A partner like Kindlekeys. Benefit from our cross-disciplinary consulting on all facets of digital transformation – tailored to your industry and matched precisely to your customer needs. As a pioneer in the field of CRM with solid IT know-how which we demonstrated in over 100 successful projects, you can trust in us.

Spotlight on your company’s success


You want to optimize your CRM systems? Push digital transformation? Or identify and resolve problems in marketing, sales, or service? You can rely on sound and interdisciplinary support from our CRM experts, tailored to your business processes. And backed by extensive experience in financial controlling, HR, and organizational processes underscored by solid knowledge of IT-backed CRM.

Exceed, not simply meet customer needs


Long-term, profitable customer relationships are predicated upon positive events and experiences with your enterprise. Your dependability, expertise, quality, and friendliness need to be compelling at all touchpoints along the customer’s journey. At Kindlekeys, we can help tailor your system to manage your customer experiences. Starting with the overall definition and execution of customer experiences at key touchpoints, we continue through to setting up a comprehensive control system.

The basis for positive customer experiences


Bring light into the darkness: we map your customer’s journey with you to assess the entire purchasing and decision-making process from the customer’s standpoint. We strive to identify weaknesses in marketing, sales, and service and to effectively counteract them. This forms the decisive foundation to make customer experiences as positive as possible.

From analysis to a clear action strategy


Kindlekeys will help you address strategic and technical issues on comprehensive CRM services – regardless of whether you seek to win back customers, manage complaints, run campaigns, support sales, handle social media, or tackle some other aspect of CRM. You can count on us to stand out from the crowd and gain competitive advantages.

Certainly the right decision

CRM software selection

It’s not easy to find the ideal CRM software, especially since it entails a long-term investment with a big impact on the success of your enterprise. We help you make the right choice: i.e. identify and evaluate CRM software, manufacturers, and IT services providers. We apply field-tested evaluation techniques to account for the requirements of your enterprise and industry. Moreover, you can count on proven, sound solutions from our technology partners Salesforce and Oracle.


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